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group training experiences

Hands-on, interactive and results-focused workshops designed to help professionals excel in their craft

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present with presence

What you say is important - and almost as important as how you say it.


In Speakwell’s PRESENT WITH PRESENCE workshop, learn and improve your vocal delivery and physical delivery skills to boost your executive presence and engage people more effectively.


persuade, influence + inspire through 

Struggling to make people believe you, remember you, or get on board with your great idea? Stories - even more than facts and data - are ultimately what drive people believe, feel, and take action.


In Speakwell’s PERSUASIVE STORYTELLING workshop, you will learn how to source, structure and deliver stories ‘off the cuff' while motivating, persuading and inspiring others. 

Person holding a presentation

anxiety-free, confident speaking

Anxiety around public speaking has subtle yet profound effects on your personal life and professional career.


In Speakwell’s ANXIETY-FREE, CONFIDENT SPEAKING workshop, identify and break through what’s holding you back from speaking comfortably. Through results-focused exercises and drills, you will leave a confident communicator ready and excited to speak up at your next opportunity.


active listening+ feedback to feedforward

Giving and receiving feedback is vital to growth at both an individual and organizational level. 


In Speakwell's FEEDBACK TO FEEDFORWARD workshop, learn best feedback practices and test them in real time. Teams leave with a refreshing mindset around feedback and a blueprint for asking for, accepting, and delivering feedback. The result is stronger organizational alignment, more open communication, and feedback mechanisms that drive your team forward. 


lead productive & engaging meetings

Meetings are the bane of existence for most people: too many meetings, unproductive meetings, meeting fatigue - the list goes on.


Speakwell’s PRODUCTIVE & ENGAGING MEETINGS workshop completely changes how you prepare for, lead, and conduct yourself in meetings, both in person and virtually. Learn the recipe to make every meeting that follows ultra-productive, focused, engaging, interactive - and dare we say it - fun. 

Online Conference

command the screen: virtual presentation mastery

For better or for worse, virtual meetings, gatherings and presentations are here to stay. The problem is that many of us feel disconnected, nervous or even bored when meeting online.


Speakwell’s COMMAND THE SCREEN workshop equips you with tips, tricks and strategies to better engage people online and own the virtual room. The result is more enjoyable online engagements, greater confidence and larger impact - work-wise and beyond. 

Similing Team

motivate & mobilize your teams

Without motivation, there is no mobilization. Teams need to feel "in" to win.


Speakwell’s MOTIVATE & MOBILIZE YOUR TEAMS workshop provides a turnkey method for influencing others, getting buy-in from team members, leading difficult change, or having people simply showing up better. The result is a more motivated, mobilized, and therefore successful team. 

Business People Talking
pitch & effectively speak about your business 

Struggling to close the deal, make the sale or win the proposal?


Speakwell’s PITCH & EFFECTIVELY SPEAK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS workshop is a transformative and hands-on training that equips you to craft a highly compelling and tailored message that advances your mission.


You’ll learn and practice Speakwell’s proven framework to confidently talk about your business, attract interest, and win your audience.

pitch yourself

“So, what do you do?” - a question we get asked daily that makes or breaks a first impression.


Speakwell’s PITCH YOURSELF workshop is an invaluable training for self-introductions and networking. Learn Speakwell’s fool-proof elevator pitch formula and practice it in real time. You’ll leave with a solid and flexible pitch to leverage ASAP. 

All Hands In
enhance team culture + 


In order to be a high-performing organization, a productive team and strong culture are critical. 


Through Speakwell’s ENHANCE TEAM CULTURE + PERFORMANCE offering, your team is coached to collaborate more effectively and produce unprecedented, breakthrough results. 

the art of the complex sale

How do you convince potential customers, investors or clients that what you have to offer is precisely what they need? How do you get them to say YES?

Speakwell’s ART OF THE COMPLEX SALE workshop trains your people to reliably close deals. Understand the human factor of selling, overcome common barriers to selling your offer, and learn compelling tactics that lead to a firm handshake. 

Business Meeting
win in the management presentation 


Whether or not you will sell your business depends heavily on the management presentation to interested investors and buyers. The importance of acing this presentation cannot be overstated.


Speakwell’s WIN IN THE MANAGEMENT PRESENTATION workshop gives you the confidence, methods and tools to succeed in the high-stakes management presentation. Showcase the value of your business, answer questions with satisfying precision, and make buying your business the easiest decision an investor will ever make.

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win over your audience
(boards, agms + investor days)

Board meetings, Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Investor presentations are significant 'make or break' speaking situations. The importance of winning over your audience in these infrequent yet major company events cannot be overstated.


Speakwell’s WIN OVER YOUR AUDIENCE session enables your key people to overcome common obstacles in these high-stakes presentations, coaches them through challenging Q&A periods, and prepares them to persuade and impress even the most difficult of audiences. 

Media Interview

media training


The media never forgets!


Delivering your value, brand identify and key messages can be both a huge opportunity as well as a daunting challenge for your business. Whether it's a podcast, panel, interview or television segment, getting it right is crucial.


Speakwell's MEDIA TRAINING gives you and your key people everything your business needs to thrive in media. We coach you on what to say (and not say), how to articulately answer tough questions, and ways to ensure your business leaves an unforgettable mark in the eyes and ears of our evolving media landscape. 



Writing e-mails, delivering good and bad news, picking up the phone, navigating proper etiquette at the office ... these are daily communication tasks that are sometimes forgotten about or done poorly, diluting your organization's productivity and overall reputation.


Speakwell’s COMMUNICATION 101 trains your organization in everything there is to know about effective and professional communication. The outcome is a more efficient, impressive and consistent communication style, company-wide, for all of your internal and external communications. 

Team Meeting

custom workshop


Co-designed with Jordyn by you.


Share your most pressing communication challenges and we craft a custom solution just for you and your organization.


Through Speakwell’s CUSTOM WORKSHOP offering, your unique needs will be met and your expectations exceeded.

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